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PI-IRC (Internet Relay Chat Server)

Before we start any Raspberry PI project you will need an SD card with a working version of the Raspberry PI OS, if you don't have one I suggest you go HERE to the Raspberry PI organisation and follow the getting started guide. It will teach you how to install the RPI Imager and how to create a Bootable SD card using it.

Now to get to the point of this article, my next job was to take an old Raspberry PI B+ and make it a working usable IRC and run from the command line using a text based GUI. The specification of this specific PI is:

Broadcom BCM2835 SOC Overclocked from 700MHz to 800MHz 256MB RAM, I am not big on over clocking but as this specific overclock requires no overvolting then I am more comfortable with it. I would recommend you use an official Raspberry PI power supply or at least a very good quality power supply, I originally had a couple of RS components power supplies, both of which failed on me, never again, I just use the recommended Raspberry PI ones.

Raspberry PI Model 1B 256MB


The Project Build